Cuando no podemos dormir.

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Take it easy, Kate. You’ve got this.

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If a picture paints a thousand words, what are you doing in that picture?

"I’m drawing myself into being and filling in the colors as I go."

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CBS Fall Promo - They look good

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Arrow - Deleted Scenes & Gag Reel


Alright, for the Arrow fans, here is the link to the deleted scenes and gag reel. Enjoy! Let me know if y’all need anything else! :) 

Note: Obviously, not my show, but please give credit where credit is due as far as the link goes. Thank you! 

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Ian, Nina and Paul - The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Photoshoot BTS

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Fringe + Love extras: Frank and Altivia.

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#LOL #I love how this is one of the very few times where Felicity is just babbling to no end #and Oliver has to actually remind her what they were talking about #unf #and btw #Oliver’s face in the last gif though #that careful look with the little nod of his head #he’s all like #Felicity? #Fe-li-ci-ty #FOCUS #deep breaths baby #take deep breaths #you can do this #you’re a smart woman #and so adorable when you babble but that’s not the point #because we got drugged Dig here #think of drugged Dig #lead the way to the rescue #OKAY THIS IS GETTING OUT OF CONTROL SO I’M GONNA SHUT UP NOW #YOU GOT THE DRILL ANYWAYS

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Claire & Jaime —— Outlander S01E06

Story of my life | The Holiday (2006)

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“Talk about unthinkable. You and me, I mean. When you told me you loved me, you had me fooled…You, you really sold it.” “We both did.”

“I  l o v e you”

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