mr. “im fabulous and i know it”

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SwanCaptain!!!! <3 <3

Fangirl vs Fangirl?

Parallels Emma & Hook (3x16/4x04)

Uno ve lo que quiere ver.Uno cree lo que quiere creer.Uno entiende lo que quiere entender.Uno es lo que quiere ser.

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Beckett + ‘I love you’

File under: things I’ve never going to get tired of hearing, tbh.

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castle + one emoji per episode

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Mucho que decir al respecto y nada bueno… 

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Mellie Grant… Are you hungry??


"i can’t take a chance that i’m wrong about you…."
                        "i can’t  l o s e  you too."

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I miss Yang!!!! :(

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